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✓ You are stressed or overwhelmed with the idea of starting your baby on solid foods.

✓ You are scared that your baby is going to choke if you do baby-led weaning.

✓ Worry that you are going to serve baby the wrong foods the wrong way.

✓ Can't decide if you want to do purees or baby-led weaning, or don't understand the difference.

✓ Want to feed your baby the right way so they don't turn into a picky toddler, but don't know where to start. 


You are not ALONE!

We are here to help! Feeding Baby Made Simple is an unbiased, self-paced, interactive system designed to make feeding your baby beyond SIMPLE! 


5 Easy Steps to Success

We made this course, to take the guesswork out of feeding your baby - to keep it as simple as possible. In these small steps, you will gain all the knowledge you need to start feeding baby with confidence!


Being a first-time mom, transitioning my baby from milk to purees and now to solid foods has been one of the most intimidating experiences.
Is it okay to feed 'x" to my baby? How do I cook or cut this so she won't choke? Why did I buy 73 zucchinis and 58 lbs of green beans and what do I do with them?

Feeding Baby Made Simple has made me feel more confident in my abilities to make delicious food for my baby while also teaching me how to approach finger foods

My favorite part has to be having ALL of the information in one place! I don't need to search the internet for menus and schedules and recipes and take screenshots which I will never find again among thousands of baby pictures. 

This course is a MUST-BUY!

An unbiased, self-paced, interactive system designed to make feeding your baby beyond SIMPLE!

  • First foods to feed your baby, complete with recipes and shopping lists!
  • 14-day meal plans made easy!
  • Learn how to embrace the mess!
  • Scared of your baby choking - we've got you covered!
  • Grow your feeding confidence in 5 easy steps!

Learn how to feed your baby the foods they need when they need them!

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What's Included


In-depth Look at 20+ Foods
Includes information on the best starter foods for baby - health benefits, FAQs, videos, recipes, feeding tips and so much more!


Over 150+ Recipes
Recipes for ages 6-24 months, and includes recipes for starter and combination purees, baby-led weaning, finger foods and toddlers!


25+ Starter Guides
All-encompassing information on how to get started feeding your baby. Guides for both purees and baby-led weaning. 

Food Chart

Check Off Food Chart
An easy-to-use food chart so you can cross off what your baby has tried. You will also have access to a FREE printable chart!

Meal Plans

3 Starter Meal Plans
Easy to use 14-day starter meal plans for your baby from our pediatric dietitian- includes purees, baby-led weaning or a combination of both!


Private Facebook Group
You are not in this alone! When you join this course you will have access to our private Facebook group, where you can get inspiration and help!


"This course gives me the confidence I needed to feed my baby homemade baby food and I love that the content is certified. It was so simple, I just followed the steps and my baby is eating more foods now than I thought possible! Can't wait for the toddler addition. One happy momma! "


How to Join

We know that every family and budget is different, and that is why we are dedicated to making this course as inclusive as possible. You can choose the pricing structure that best works for your family - Times are Tight, Suggested Price, Buy One - Give One, or sign up for a Monthly Membership. All prices will get you the exact same course information. 

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  • In-depth look at 20+ foods 
  • 25+ Starter Guides
  • Over 150 Recipes
  • 14 Day Meal Plans
  • Inclusive Approach to Feeding Baby
  • 20 Feeding Videos
  • 5 Digital Downloads
  • Shopping Lists
  • Check off Food Chart
  • Certified by Medical Professionals
  • Weekly Updates
  • Lifetime Membership
  • Private Facebook Group 
  • Ads Free!

What You Will Learn

Through our in-depth guides, you will gain the confidence to know how and what to feed your baby! Some of our guides include:

  • What is Traditional Weaning
  • What is Baby-Led Weaning
  • When is Baby Ready for Solids
  • How to Get Started
  • How to Make Baby Food
  • Sample Feeding Schedule
  • Foods to Avoid
  • Feeding Tips


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