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You thought starting solids would be a breeze! After all, you survived the newborn phase, certainly it’s not too complicated, right?


But once you sit down to start your research, you realize there are so many things to consider:

  • Should you only do baby-led weaning? 
  • Are purees okay? 
  • What if my child turns out to be a picky eater because of me?
  • How much time will it take to make homemade baby food?
  • What about allergies? 

My Story

When my first baby, Ellie, was ready to start solids, I went to the grocery store, I stocked up on 3 different purees, and tasted them all…

And then I promptly threw them away (okay, okay, I recycled the bottles), but I knew I didn’t want her first introduction to food to taste like that.

So I set off to do it myself. I went to the market, grabbed pounds of fresh organic fruits, vegetables, spices and herbs, and started off with simple recipes based on the produce in season. 

And it was HEAVEN. My baby ate them, I ate them and even my husband ate them.

After over 12 years of food blogging and 2 best-selling cookbooks, I have tested, researched, and made THOUSANDS of ounces of baby food, helping millions of families around the world navigate their baby's feeding experience.

Meet the Experts

You may be asking yourself why you need FBMS with all of the free information and recipes on the web. However, this is not a blog with hundreds of posts to search and sort through. This is a linear, one-stop-shop, certified by medical experts to provide you with a solution that works for you!

I learned that there is no “one right way” to introduce solids.

You absolutely CAN start solids using fresh foods, with confidence, without spending all day, every day in the kitchen. You can choose a path with no shame or fear.

Unlike other programs or solutions out there, I wanted to consider YOU and YOUR family’s needs when it comes to feeding your baby...

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You’ll learn how to…

  • Choose the best feeding style for your family, whether you’re interested in purees, baby-led weaning or a combination of both.
  • Prepare you (and your home) so you can confidently begin starting solids without fear.
  • Introduce first foods without having to make up your own recipes, meal plans, or shopping lists.
  • Embrace the mess, so you can focus on connecting with your child and building a healthy relationship with food.

What's Inside Feeding Baby Made Simple:

Yes! I Need Help Feeding My Baby!

Plus, You'll Get These Bonuses

Food Profiles

In-depth Look at 20+ Foods
An online database with a detailed look at over 20 different starter foods. Each food profile includes nutritional info, how to serve based on age, FAQs, starter recipes, and feeding tips.

Recipe Collection

Over 150+ Recipes
For ages 6-24 months, including recipes for starter and combination purees, baby-led weaning, finger foods and toddlers. No need for searching pinterest recipes, they’re all in one place.

Guide Library

25+ Starter Guides
All-encompassing information on how to get started feeding your baby from our trusted team. Forget googling articles or info, whether you choose purees or baby-led weaning, we cover it all

Food Chart

Check Off Food Chart
An easy-to-use, interactive food log so you can keep track of what your baby has tried and when. Don’t want to go online? Use the printable chart and hang it somewhere you can easily access after every meal.

Meal Plans

3 Starter Meal Plans
Three simple 30-day meal plans created by our pediatric dietician. Includes purees, baby-led weaning, or a combination of both plus shopping lists and printables to make your life easier.


Private Facebook Group
Need extra inspiration, help, or support? You don’t need to start this journey alone. You’ll have access to our private facebook group where you can find a community of parents just like you.



"This course gives me the confidence I needed to feed my baby homemade baby food and I love that the content is certified. It was so simple, I just followed the steps and my baby is eating more foods now than I thought possible! Can't wait for the toddler addition. One happy momma! "



Here's What Parents Are Saying...

Here's What Parents are Saying...